Caja de sueños

Violoncello, piano, percussion and electronics
Alfonso García de la Torre
Total timing:
  • 9'46"
Pages: 37
Measures: 208
Score: AGarciaDeLaTorre-Caja-de-sueños.pdf
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The piece is structured in such a way as to juxtapose different well-differentiated parts that form the discourse. The treatment of the instruments, the lines in which pitches and intensities are displayed, define very characteristic fragments. Each fragment is interwoven by links formed by sound elements that are born thanks to the interaction of the instruments; these points of union possess a spatial as well as a temporal logic.

Throughout the work, triggers emerge that provoke new sound textures in constant metamorphosis: everything changes and evolves. In short, it is a search for those hidden senses that the acoustic context offers us, transforming it into a personal sound universe, somehow detached from reality.